Eena Meena Deeka: Criminal Capers

Watch if: you want to watch a really, really silly comedy with Juhi at her absolute cutest

Don’t watch if: you’re in the mood for something with a serious message

Best song: Maine Kya Julam Kiya, but unfortunately I couldn’t find the video on Youtube, so I’ve embedded the hilarious Towel Mein Baahar Jaaogi instead
Soundtrack overall: Good; most of the songs are catchy and fun.

Watched on: Einthusan

Ah, 90s comedies – how I love them. Eena Meena Deeka is a cracking example of one, and also a great example of why you should never be afraid to go digging around on Einthusan. I had never even heard of the film and only started watching it because there was nothing else on my mental watch list. Thank goodness I’ve never got around to writing one down!

Eena is the pet name of Inder, played by an incredibly young-looking Rishi Kapoor. It just goes to show how much wardrobe can do to affect an actor’s appearance – he looks a decade younger than he did in Deewana, which was made four years earlier but featured a lot of hideous grandad jumpers. Eena has just got out of jail when his adoptive mother collapses with happiness (makes a change from collapsing with shock, you’ve got to admit) and requires surgery that costs a hundred thousand rupees. Unsurprisingly, Eena has not been earning much recently, and his intention of going straight has to be set to one side while he acquires money for the surgery by any means possible.

Goodness knows what he has been in jail for, but it wasn’t bank robbing; he turns out to be absolutely useless at that. Luckily, a fellow wrong ‘un, Deeka, has appeared in the bank on the same day, to open an account. The chief of police turns up and assumes that he’s the one who was trying to commit the crime; given that Deeka successfully impersonated a police officer to steal the money he is now depositing in the bank just yesterday, it is a fair enough assumption. Deeka avenges it by kidnapping the police chief’s daughter, Meena, played delightfully by Juhi Chawla.

The romance is entirely predictable, in a warm, snuggly, satisfying way; of course a girl kidnapped by a gangster and accidentally in the custody of another one will fall in love with the nicer of the two gangsters. Naturally, she will fall into a river and have to be rescued. It goes without saying that our plump hero will manage to save her from the kind of current that seems suitable only for white-water rafting.

Music is thrown in at every possible juncture; I personally love this, but the anti-singing-and-dancing brigade will hate it. Considering the number of songs, it’s a remarkable achievement that they are nearly all memorable. In fact, it seems as though they were overstocked on songs, because half a dozen of them run into each other at the end. This is probably entirely an excuse to have Kader Khan gyrating about in the world’s biggest sari for twenty minutes.

This film seems to have been made in an attempt to define the term ‘madcap adventure’. The cast are clearly thoroughly enjoying themselves. Go in with the suspension of disbelief typically necessary for early 90s movies; if you are annoyed by unlikely events, your blood pressure will go through the roof. Take it for what it is, which is a complete two and half hour break from the tedium of life. Kick back and enjoy!

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